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The Odd Couple - Female Version
directed by Tony Copper

The cast for "The Odd Couple".

Neil Simon's
The Odd Couple
Directed by: Tony Copper
May 26 - June 3, 2017

Sylvie: Edith Waugh
Mickey: Jenn Sparks
Renee: Deb Zweber
Vera: Rachael Tingley
Olive Madison: Olivia Ekler
Florence Unger: Abigail Conner
Manolo Costazuela: Tony Copper
Jesus Costazuela: Patrick Taylor

- Tony



Directed by Jennifer Sparks

Ok... The moment several of you have been waiting for.... Drumroll please....Introducing both casts of "Safe Dates":

Respect Cast:
Jason: Ben Hampton
Phil: Christian Greene
Derek: Christopher Webb
Emily : Emily Busch
Carissa: Madison Lutz
Elizabeth: Hunter Sparks
Kirsten: Kiszney Lauwers

Honor Cast:
Jason: Gabe Hampton
Phil: Chadwick Padgett
Derek: Jake Hampton
Emily: Emily Webb
Carissa: Isabel Tettau
Elizabeth: TBA ( tentatively cast pending grades)
Kirsten: Kaeli Zweber

First Rehearsal is Friday February 12, 2016 from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm
Scripts will be given out then.
Please realize that neither cast is better or more important than the other and you may be asked to perform with the other cast at any given time as a replacement if a cast member can't be at a performance. Also, since this is an ongoing project that will extend into the next school year as well, casts may change.

See you on the 12th,